5 Ways To Improve And Sell Your San Diego Home For Top Dollar

You don’t have to remodel your entire home to sell for top dollar in San Diego.

That said, you do want to make sure you focus on the right things if you want to avoid leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

To help you do so, below we’ll cover five simple but effective ways to add value to your home before selling.

Just like your home, let’s lay a foundation first for the info that follows.

“Is A Home Remodel Even Needed In San Diego To Get Great Offers?”

As a starting point, it’s good to be aware of the market around you.

Keeping up on demand and trends, or working with an agent that does, is important.

That said, San Diego is a red-hot market. Some may find the location itself adds plenty of value. However, if it’s a buyer’s market (or if things are heavily dated), you’ll want to spruce the place up.

Doing so can increase value, and the speed, at which your home sells for.

Where to begin? With the following five areas.

Value-Add #1: Add A Little Color

We’re talking about keeping things lively and updated, so (potentially) skip overly adventurous color schemes.

According to MySanDiegoOne of the interior trends we’re seeing is that San Diego homeowners are asking our house painters to use hazelnut colors to make rooms appear brighter, which can also make them look bigger as well.”

In ranch-style homes, they report preference shifts to more neutral colors, including select shades of brown.

However, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. These may not be appropriate for every home.
  2. This may be different by the time you’re reading this.

A good starting point would be to pick a color scheme that matches your style home and is simple enough to appeal to a wide San Diego audience.

Value-Add #2: Solar Installation

The cost of solar varies by location, in San Diego and beyond.

However, EcoWatch notes a few promising stats as a rule of thumb for solar adding value to your home.

They say:

A few studies have shown that solar installations increase a home’s resale value by up to $6,000 for each kilowatt of solar panels installed, or by about 4.1% of the home’s value.”

Other research shows that solar typically adds a value of about twice the cost of the setup, over time. 

The added value is even greater for systems that include a battery to store extra energy. It’s a great feature to benefit from San Diego’s “time-of-use” pricing structure. Extra energy can be used to drastically save during on-peak time usage.


Value-Add #3: The Kitchen

From New York to San Diego, remodeling your kitchen is a fantastic overall focal point for adding value to a home.

It is, after all, the “heart of the home” for a reason.

For the same reason, there are definitely a few do’s and don’t of remodeling or sprucing this space up for added value.

Let’s look at two big things to focus on.


Quartz is in high demand right now, for example. But it might not always be.

To hedge against future trends and changes in taste, granite is a timeless choice.

Note: a “do not” here would be using off-beiges and browns for countertops. Better to go with something a little more neutral like white or black.


As potential buyers stroll through a showing, they naturally envision themselves using the space.

In the kitchen, heavily worn or outdated appliances stick out like a sore thumb. In fact, after showings, one of the most common notes is always about the condition or quality of appliances.

Brands like Wolf and Viking add tremendous appeal and value, at about twice the cost of purchasing.

Of course, there are other honorable mentions like cabinets and a kitchen island.


Value-Add #4: Staging

As mentioned a moment ago, keep in mind how people will see themselves potentially living in your home.

Now, go a step further by making it pleasant to visualize by staging your home.

According to 2020 data from the Real Estate Staging Association, almost 90% of staged homes received up to 23% more over listing price.

This is another great example of why knowing current trends is important.

Where in your home does it matters most?

A previous Profile of Home Staging by The National Association of Realtors found the most common staged rooms were:

  • Living room (93%)
  • Kitchen (84%)
  • Master bedroom (78%)
  • Dining room (78%)

Some of the most forgotten include closet spaces, bookshelves, laundry/laundry room, and pantries.

Value-Add #5: Landscaping/Foliage

Between a freshly painted door and landscaping, you have two easy ways to up the curb appeal of your home.

As they say, first impressions are everything.

Keeping things maintained around the outside of your property is a great way to set the tone for your home’s showing and final sale price.

“Mature” landscaping

According to the USDA Forest Service, healthy, mature trees add an average of 10% to a home’s value.

Low-maintenance/water-efficient plants

According to a survey by HomeLight, a healthy lawn and some gardening typically return 267% of the cost. The California Department of Water Resources lists geraniums, horned poppy, Aster Monarchs, etc. as great all-climate plant

Automated Irrigation

This is more of a selling point than a direct money-maker. Keeping a lawn lush (read: not dead and dry) is especially important given California’s surge in wildfires. Systems today can sense water levels in the air and landscape, keep things “hydrated” only as needed. Score two for safety and sustainability!

Don’t Forget The Hardware

Some odds and ends to add to a San Diego home remodel list are pretty universal:

  • Faucet hardware 
  • Showerheads 
  • Cabinetry handles
  • Door knobs, etc.

Want The Best Home Remodeling Projects To Improve Home Value In San Diego?

The above is a great starting point, but things move fast.

Asking your local agent(s) gives you access to what is easily the #1 source with “boots on the ground” in San Diego.

Your agent can give you priceless insights into the features and amenities that are in high demand, what’s selling, popular colors, trends, and more.

That way, you have a clear vision of what home remodeling projects work best for San Diego’s current housing market.

Need additional info or assistance? We can help. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. 

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