6 Reasons to Live in San Diego

It is hard to find a San Diego resident that doesn’t simply love living in San Diego. This Southern California county is well-loved among tourists and locals alike.

A favorite destination for vacationers and second-home owners because of beautiful beaches and idyllic weather, is also seeing full-time population growth.

Here are 6 great reasons to live in San Diego. 

6 Reasons to Live in San Diego

The Weather

Sunshine and warm breezes are likely the first things that come to mind when you think of San Diego. One of the city’s greatest showcases is it’s incredible year-round weather.

Nestled in the temperate region of Southern California, San Diego is blessed with short, mild winters and long sunshine seasons. The perfect climate for outdoor lovers.

Residents rarely have to battle extreme temperatures in the summer or winter.  The average temperature is 69.9 degrees and the annual rainfall is approximately 10 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

Say goodbye to snow shoveling and rain for days on-end. San Diego is truly a sunshine city. 



San Diego’s micro-neighborhoods are charming. The city is divided into a variety of districts, with different personalities. And walking distance to favorite restaurants, bars, nightlife, and beaches, is an important factor. 

Little Italy is a popular neighborhood because of easy access to open-air Italian eateries and trendy bars. But is also steps away from the San Diego harbor where you can take a boat and view the City from the water.

Pacific beach is well-known for being walking-distances to both popular surfing beaches and family-friendly bays.

And every neighborhood, North Park, Ocean Beach, Downtown, and much more, will offer a variety of the best Mexican food, a short walk away.


Proximity to Beaches and Mountains

San Diego truly is an outdoor lover’s dream. You are only a short drive from both mountains and beaches when you live in San Diego.

During the summer, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are popular hotspots. With a bustling boardwalk, prime surfing waves and amusement parks, like Sea World.

During the winter and fall, Julian and Mammoth are favorite destinations for cozy getaways filled with hiking, skiing, and other popular winter sports. 


Travel Access

One of the true treasures of San Diego is how easy travel is from this city.

San Diego is a short, comfortable drive from the Mexican border, a popular last-minute weekend getaway by locals. An easy tourist destination, because the border can be crossed by car, train, or even walking. 

San Diego is also only a short drive from Los Angeles and popular beach towns, like Newport Beach and San Clemente. Sea World, Disneyland, and Legoland are nearby, making San Diego a great home base for family-friendly activities in Southern California.

A lesser-known fact about San Diego is its proximity to wineries. There are a robust number of vineyards within an hour drive of Downtown. 

Additionally, San Diego boasts a well-rated international airport. The SAN airport offers both domestic and international flights on all major airlines. And a common departure city for short, affordable, flights to Hawaii and Central America. 


Family Friendly

San Diego is a family’s dream. The city has many kid-friendly beaches and numerous well-kept parks and playgrounds. Hiking is another popular activity among local families, and there are endless trails, for all-levels.

Each neighborhood is unique, but many have great elementary, middle school and high schools. Usually within walking distance.

Keep an eye out for family friendly events, like movies on the beach, music in the park, zoo days, and farmers’ markets. 


Pet Friendly

Walking down the streets of San Diego, you will no doubt take notice of how many people are out with their pets.

San Diego is an extremely pet-friendly city, with most restaurants, grocery stores, and bars welcoming pets and/or providing an outdoor space for guests and their furry friends.

Hotels and vacation rentals often also offer pet-friendly rooms and facilities. Here is a list of pet-friendly hotels in San Diego.


Ready to Move? 

What to expect

The San Diego real estate market is prime for new residents, with great properties available in nearly every most-popular neighborhood. If you are beginning your property search, sign up for the Masiv Real Estate new property newsletter, you will receive the newest properties hitting the market.

Driving through different neighborhoods is a great way to get to know an area. Stop for coffee or a meal to familiarize yourself and identify the best fit for you.

Neighborhood Basics

The North Park and Clairemont are great neighborhoods for families looking for single family homes. Both offer family-friendly communities with nearby parks, shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. As a bonus, Rady’s Children Hospital, is located in Clairemont. 

Pacific Beach and La Jolla are ideal for those looking for properties with close proximity to the beach. These neighborhoods are highly populated with single family homes, condos, townhomes, and multi-unit properties. These are high demand neighborhoods, making them great for purchasing an investment property.

Downtown, Little Italy, and the Gaslamp District are good for professionals looking to live near the office, night life and the airport. They are popular for outdoor dining, sporting events at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, and proximity to the marina. 


From its excellent weather, family-friendly beaches, proximity to so many popular destinations and outdoor activities, San Diego truly is a gem of a city. It is no surprise this city is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the United States. 

Despite the growing population, San Diego remains one of California’s few affordable areas. Whether you are relocating to San Diego temporarily or permanently, the City of San Diego is an ideal location for first-time home buying, purchasing investment properties, and short-term rentals.

For more information on the neighborhood and property right for you, contact our team.

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