8 Ways to Create a Productive Work From Home Space

Since the initial stay-at-home orders in 2020, many companies have either fully transitioned to remote work or are postponing a return to work for their employees.

This means many employees are working from their homes for the foreseeable future. Creating a comfortable and functional work space is key to remaining productive during these times. 

Here are 8 simple tips on how to create a functional space that is sure to boost focus and productivity. 

8 Ways to Create a Productive Work Space:

1. Create an Mood Board

Often, the fastest way to create your ideal working space is to mimic similar spaces that you love. Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration. Topics like “how to create office space in a small apartment” or “how to transform your spare bedroom into a home office”.

This is the time to fill your mood board with furniture, colors, textures, and office supplies that bring you joy. A mood board is a great way to keep your inspiration organized and to trial and error which combinations of furniture, colors, etc. work well together in your space.

Your imagination is the limit in creating a space that you enjoy returning to every single day. 


2. Declutter and Organize

One of the easiest ways to create a functional work space is to simply declutter and organize. This can often be done in a matter of minutes or within a short afternoon’s work. It can offer a great reward of clearer thinking and a more peaceful mood. 

According to Psychology Today, clutter can often create feelings of anxiousness and be a distraction. It also can have an impact both physically and mentally, quietly sending our minds the message that our work is never done. 

Often a few minutes of purging through unnecessary items and mess can help your brain compartmentalize between priority tasks and create a greater sense of calm during your work day. 


3. Give Yourself a View

If you have the space, position your work area in a direction where you can see something more interesting than just a blank wall.  

Windows are also a great vantage point for when you look up from your Zoom call or spreadsheet. They offer natural light and view of the outdoors. 

Pro Tip: If a blank wall is your only option, consider painting it a fun, mood-boosting color or hanging an inspirational print or wall wart.

4. Check Your Background

Video calls are likely a new part of your daily routine. If this is the case, it is important to consider what your colleagues see behind you. A clutter of leftover dishes or unfolded laundry are probably less than visually pleasing.

Ideally, keep the space behind you organized, clean, and clutter-free. If you are working in a high-use area of your home such as your kitchen, try finding a spot during calls where you can have your back to a wall or consider using a digital backdrop.

It is also best to avoid having a window behind you as that can often affect the lighting during your video call and have you appear poorly lit. 


5. Set the Mood

When we worked in our company’s office we were subject to the decor and design that they created. Now as a work from home community we have the opportunity to create a space that caters to our design.

Adding thoughtful touches to your work space can make all the difference. From scented candles to a signature piece of art, the sky’s the limit in creating a space that you love. 


Lost on where to start? Start with scents.   

Aromatherapy is a natural way to boost your work area vibes. Essential oil diffusers are both a pet and kid safe way to add cozy scents to your home and office space.

Diffusers can be very budget friendly with some starting under $25. And other multi-feature diffusers ranging between $50-100.

Diffusers come in a variety colors and designs so it’s easy to find something, regardless of budget, that fits in with your space’s decor. 


6. Commit to One Space

Working from home has many benefits but sometimes it’s easy to get knocked out of routine working from the same space we live in. Designating a specific area of your home as a work space can be highly beneficial to staying in routine and getting yourself in a work mindset.

Wherever you decide to create a work space within your home, it’s important to make sure it feels like a dedicated and functional work space. Consider things like a comfortable chair and desk, adequate and natural lighting, and a clean background space for virtual meetings.

Continuously working from one space will help build a sense of habit in your mind, which may help with mental clarity during working hours. 


7. Organize Your Technology

It’s hard to beautify a work computer, mouse, and keyboard, but with a few handy items it’s easy to create an organized and tidy work space that will improve focus and functionality. 

If possible, start by making sure your devices are close to outlets. This will minimize the cords cluttering your space. If an outlet isn’t nearby, consider using a cord organizer

standing desk with built-in organization may also be a good option for organizing your workspace. Many desks now have hidden compartments for messy cords and outlets. 


8. Optimize Your Lighting

Lighting is both key to your day-to-day work function as well as virtual meetings. Making sure that your workspace has sufficient lighting aids in alleviating eye strain and headaches.

Positioning your laptop, monitor, and/or webcam so that there is no glare from windows or lamps is ideal for preventing stress on your eyes and distraction from poorly lit virtual calls. 


Enjoy Your New Space

Whether you’re working from home permanently or in a flexible situations a few days a week, a comfortable and enjoyable space can be a simple way to improve your productivity. Making small changes like adding a lamp to increase light, taking a few minutes to declutter and organize your space, or hanging some fun wall art may make all the difference. 

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