Should you Consider Mobile Homes in Your Search?

Have you exhausted all your options looking for a home in San Diego, California? Well, you’re not the only one. San Diego has a dire problem with providing housing to its residents.

California has not been able to match the economic and population growth with its housing and urban planning. It has become extremely difficult to find a house that fits your budget and expectations even in San Diego.

When you have exhausted your search for traditional homes, it may be time to look at mobile homes for sale in San Diego. Read on to learn more about why mobile homes may be a great option for your family.

How Expensive is San Diego Real Estate?

The housing is so expensive that 1 in 3 Californians are more than ready to shift to other, more affordable states. Southern California is facing extreme circumstances.  

The median price for an average SoCal home is $752,250 which is definitely more than the average budget of a Californian. The state has one of the highest percentage of families that spend over 50% of pretax wages on housing. 

You might have looked for houses left, right and center but we know how difficult it is to find homes for sale in San Diego County under $250,000 or any other budget you might have.

What Can You Do?

When getting a home in SoCal is completely out of reach, what must one do? We have an idea, look at mobile homes for sale in San Diego County.

We understand this is not the usual advice given, but after reading you will be able to identify if a prefab home will be the right solution to meet your budget concerns and help you sleep better at night.

Ready to gauge whether a mobile home is an option for you? Lets dive in to this comprehensive guide on mobiles homes for sale in San Diego, CA! 

What Is A Mobile Home and Should You Bother? 

Mobile homes might be a fairly new concept for you, but think of them as prefabricated homes. These homes are built like any other home, but off-site, in a factory and transported to where they live permanently. 

It is only recently that people started considering mobile homes as permanent and cheap solutions to their housing problems.

A mobile home resembles that of a traditional construction home, but is built on a temporary foundation. You will have proper plumbing, electrical, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. All that is packed into a modest footprint, but with impeccable design that makes the space feel not so small.

Mobile homes technically have not been built since 1976, and will be difficult to find. But the term is used to describe the two most common types of prefab homes: Manufactured and Modular.

There are a few difference between the home types, lets unpack it. 

Manufactured Homes 

Manufactured homes are built with different and higher-quality materials. Once delivered, these homes are usually permanent but they don’t usually have a permanent foundation, meaning there is an option to move in the future.

The construction for manufactured homes has to strictly follow the HUD code whereas that might not be the case for Modular HomesYou will find that manufactured homes for sale San Diego will typically be the more expensive option of the two. 

Modular Homes 

Modular homes differ from the other types in they more closely resemble a traditional built home. Like other prefab home types, these are built in a factory. Then delivered to the permanent residence either in sections or as a whole unit.

Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes must follow state building codes.  State building codes for prefab homes are usually inline with on-site built homes, although some states default to the Federal standards. 

The Cost of Mobile Homes

If you want a home without any hassle, your safest bet is a mobile home. The average cost of a mobile home is somewhere near $55,600 to $107,500. This is a lot cheaper than traditionally built homes.

However, there may be additional expenses to consider.  Such as you might have to pay rent for the lot where your mobile home is located. Even then it is a much more pocket-friendly option.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Mobile Homes for Sale in San Diego CA  

Once you have decided to leave the idea of buying a traditional home and move to manufactured homes, there are certain things that are helpful to consider.

If you have been looking for homes for sale in San Diego County under $250,000, a great place to start your search is with Clayton Homes. Here you may be able to find homes that are way under the $250,000 benchmark, even with all the additional costs. Note there may be costs that include, taxes, insurance, and manufacturing fees.


The next thing you most likely will consider is customizing your new residence. Your home is not just your home, it is the one place that you find peace. This is exactly why you must go for a home that fits your expectations and feels just right for you.

What modifications can you make to your mobile home? The most common customizing includes the exterior of the home along with the roof, windows, and siding.

If you focus on the interior, on a new build, you can choose the flooring, cabinets and more, that will help you make the home more homely.

The modifications within the mobile home have endless possibilities.

The World Is Your Oyster

You might be thinking of where exactly you are going to find a mobile home. That is truly the best part. You can find mobile homes in some of the most desired parts of San Diego. 

The Solamar Mobile Estates are a hidden gem. These estates have the most prime location you could find – oceanfront and in the heart of Carlsbad.

Do You Want To Head Over To The Mountains? Alpine and Palomar are great options. Are the mountains not your speed and would like the sea breeze when you wake in the morning? Then keep your eyes open for Mobile Home Estates in Oceanside or La Jolla.

Can’t Wait To Get Your Hands On One? Find One Here: 

Mobile Homes for Sale San Diego Zillow 

Zillow gives you a lot of options to choose from. Its easy interface will help you look for mobile homes rather easily. Its as simple as a quick search and adding a few filters. If you still have questions we made a comprehensive guide you can read here

Mobile Home for Sale San Diego Craigslist 

Craigslist is a wonderful place to look for a home, regularly updated and lots of daily posts. You might find many great options here.

Where to Learn More

If you are looking for more information on mobile homes for sale in San Diego county you can check out the following links:


Surely before this article there wasn’t a thought of looking at mobile homes for sale in San Diego. After reading through the comprehensive guide it is easy to see there are seemingly no cons to getting a mobile home instead of a traditional home. What are you waiting for?


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