Tips for Buying a Waterfront Home in San Diego

Are you enthusiastic to buy a waterfront home for yourself in San Diego? That sounds like a great decision but even with 70 miles of coastline finding a home can be competitive.

But no need to worry because we obviously have you covered with all the tips and tricks you can possibly get. To find the most amazing San Diego waterfront homes for sale, without the hassle, follow these tips. Let’s get right to it. 

What Are You Looking For? 

To get a waterfront property you must first determine what exactly it is that you are looking for. Waterfront property can mean different things to different individuals. Determining what type of waterfront property you want, is the first step.

Is the sea breeze your favorite thing to wake up to? Or would you like to see the mighty ocean every time you look out of the window? And if you your idea of a waterfront home is a pool, we have you covered

Whatever it is that you like, register that in your mind. Now, lets dive into the various waterfront property types. Let’s start with a good question, ‘What water-based activities do my family and I enjoy?’


If you are a surfer at heart, getting a home near the beautiful Pacific Ocean is your best bet. Every day is a good day to surf in San Diego. 

All you need is a wet suit and board, and in steps you can be hitting the break. Though there are other water bodies you can surf on, like certain rivers, you are most likely going to want to be on the Ocean. 


Fishing can be extremely therapeutic and if you take regular fishing trips down to the lake, or reservoir, it is about time that you got yourself a waterfront property so that you can fish whenever you want.

But depending on what you like to fish, may change the best place to search for a house. If you like to fish from the sea then close proximity to a marina is clutch. If you like to take your fly rod to the river then there are plenty of options in San Diego County.


For the marine enthusiast, identifying the preferred water sport will help in the waterfront home search. Sailing or other ocean boaters will most likely store their toys in a marina. For proximity and quick access to a marina, you may want to look in Oceanside or at a condo in downtown San Diego.

For those that enjoy freshwater sports such as bass fishing or wakeboarding, you may be interested in a lake front property. It may be difficult to find a property with a dock, so it is important your property has sufficient garage or driveway access.

Communicating these details to your Real Estate agent will help to find your dream home with ease. 

What Is Your Purpose? 

Buying a waterfront property might serve a special purpose for you, what is it? Is it just a dream that you want to put to reality or is there a valid reason for investing in a waterfront property? You might have any of the following reasons for going through the trouble, let’s take a look at them:

To Live 

If you want to move and get a property that is the close to a body of water, then you need to have several things in your mind.

The first and foremost thing to consider is whether it will suit your lifestyle. Do you like high density living? You may find Pacific Beach or Ocean Beach most ideal.

Would you prefer to be isolated, with not many neighbors? Then looking at ranches on Lake Henshaw may be more your speed. 

To Vacation

Having a vacation home is not uncommon and a great investment for your family. Our daily lives can be quite exhausting which is why a vacation home does not sound like a bad idea.

Every time your family and you feel like having a getaway you can go to your home by the lake or by the sea and enjoy the scenic beauty.

The great aspect of a vacation homes is they do not have to always match the size of your primary residence. You can buy a two bedroom condo and the kids can share a room with a bunk bed.

To Invest 

Many people buy homes in waterfront locations for the sake of investment. It is a great idea as you will be able to invest your money in a place where the value can increase significantly.

Waterfront properties also enjoy high rental demand, you can enjoy the money that comes in passively. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Waterfront Home? 

Before you make the step of actually getting the waterfront property, it is important to know how they may differ from traditional real estate. 

Take out time and make a visit to the location before you finalize anything. You might be able to tell what the shore is like, how high the water can be and if you will any privacy and security scares once you start living there. In addition to all that you must read up on what the future can be for the shoreline so that you know what the future can hold. There is no telling what climate change will bring and it is best to make an informed decision. 

Have you Considered the Shoreline?

It may be easy to skip over thinking about the shoreline when you are taking in the beauty of the ocean. But there are a few factors to keep in mind. 

Does the property sit on a highly trafficked beach? If your family likes its privacy, then you may want to look elsewhere.

In addition to all that you may want to read up on the projections for the shoreline. It is important to know what the future may hold. There is no telling what climate change will bring and if the home will require a retaining wall in the near future to protect against waves. 

What about Insurance? 

Insurance for waterfront properties can be quite expensive. Before you get done with all the other requirements it is important that you get the complete details of the insurance. This is to prevent you from worrying about it later on. There is extra care needed so it is best if you get an expert’s opinion on how many policies you would have to buy since there can be multiple. 

What Do You Need To Inspect?  

Inspections are an important part of any home buying journey. When looking at homes on the water you will want to pay special attention to certain areas.

Salt and humid air can be very harsh on wood. The exterior of homes with wood panelling need to be treated regularly and can become useless if not kept-up.

On the interior it is important to thoroughly check the frame. If the structure has not be treated with moisture resistant processes then you could be looking at large costs down the road.

What Are The Rules And Regulations? 

Before you get your hands on a waterfront home for sale in San Diego, California, you must ensure that you are completely aware of all the rules before you go against them.

The California Coastal Commission controls the development and the use of the coastal area so you must read through all the sets of rules before you venture into the property.

If you do not pay heed to the rules, you might have to face something like this. Getting your property demolished because you ignored the regulations can be quite heart wrenching.  

Do You Need An Expert? 

There are several things about buying a waterfront property that you either do not know of or have no experience with them. This is why you must let an expert show you the ropes. They will be able to help you in the best way possible. They will surely be able to make your dream of owning waterfront property in San Diego come true.

In Conclusion

There is probably not a more beautiful place than a waterfront home in San Diego, CA. If you would like any help in the waterfront home buying process contact the friendly and knowledgable team at Masiv Real Estate at any time. 

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